Clinton ‘the Artman’ Herdman

Clinton Herdman is a self-taught artist who works in a multitude of media and styles.

  • – pointillism
  • – pencil
  • – acryllic on canvas
  • – pastels
  • – wood
  • – limestone (Oamaru Stone)
  • – wire ….. and more

He was born in Levin in 1965 but raised in Wanganui. His dyslexia (a condition not recognised at the time of his schooling) was a stumbling block academically, but he learned skills to get him through life, and a flair for the arts quickly blossomed.

Pointillism by Clinton Herdman, Kaka

The encouragement of family and friends led him to believe in himself as an artist, and his determination and talent have kept him steady on that path to this day.

His influences stem greatly from experiences travelling around NZ & overseas.
He loves nature and the outdoors as much as he loves introspection and the forms and shapes he finds ‘within’. These influences can easily be identified in his works.

Clinton started working in Indian Ink in 1986, and over years developed his own style, eventually leading to intensely detailed pointillisms in black & white. He has been commissioned often for private works, with a skill in this field rivaling the best.

Candle on Wood sculpture by Clinton HerdmanTwisted wire sculptures, mixed media, and colour pastels also became favourite mediums for him to work in. His work has appeared in many Arts Festivals and exhibits around NZ over the years, with sales of originals and prints becoming a regular occurrence.

After much travelling throughout NZ, he settled with his partner in Otematata, where he soon added Oamaru Stone sculpting to his list of media. Clinton was quite prolific in this medium during the 15 years living in the Waitaki Valley. He has sold hundreds of sculptures and is regularly commissioned for work.

After 7 years based in the Kapiti district, Clinton continues his mission of experimentation from his new home in the Rangitikei District near Turakina, drawing on the (very different) influences of his North Island environs.

Email him for a quote if you have a project you’d like to commission him for.



Paintings.      Sculptures.

Clinton the Artman Herdman